Las caligramas

This morning we put all we had learnt yesterday into practise when we wrote our own calligrams (shape poems)…in Spanish of course!

It was tricky and we had to really concentrate but the end results were excellent!! We’re sure you’ll agree!

We then looked at a poem about a chicken and a key and were asked to invent a game we could play using the poem and give instructions to the class on how to play. I was especially nervous (Miss Nicholson) when my game was chosen to be played by the rest of the teachers in our class!

This evening we are off to watch a flamenco show with the other teachers. We will see how we compared during our flamenco lesson the other day!!

Miss Nicholson and Miss Kelly 🙂



Las caligramas — 1 Comment

  1. Sounds very impressive the work that you are doing and the Spanish that you are speaking. You seem to have packed an awful lot into the few days that you have been there.

    Your weather looks to have been a little warmer than here.

    Keep up the good work!

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