¿Quiere ser millonario?

Today has been a full day of intense classes. This morning we looked at phonics, grammar and how children learn to read it spain. Phonics is just as important especially as different letter combinations make different sounds. They even have an extra letter in their alphabet (ñ).

This afternoon we looked at grammar through dictation and reading. We had to learn a famous spanish poem off by heart, it was a challenge. It was really interesting to see how the spainish children learn through the games we played. We even became millionaires!

We think we have even managed to secure a link school today we are just waiting for an email back. 🙂 The children have been off for some of this week because of a special holiday called día de la Hispanidad. Your new challenge for today is to find out what this is a celebration of!

🙂 Miss Kelly and Miss Nicholson

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