Wow, we have just got back from the most beautiful town in the mountains! We spent the afternoon with our tour guides practising our spanish and exploring the history of frigiliana. Here are some photos of us exploring.

Our flamenco dancing last night was really good. Unfortunately because we were concentrating so hard we didn’t get any photos of ourselves! But here is our teacher giving us a demonstration.


Today in class we learnt all about how to describe ourselves and others so we thought you might what a go at one of the games. Can you guess which teacher I am describing.

¿Quién es quién?

Tiene los ojos verdes.
Tiene el pelo rubio y largo y liso.
Lleva gafas y reloj.
Vive en Leeds.
No es escocés.

Good luck!

Tomorrow we are in class all day and will hopefully be able to give you some more challenges!


Miss Kelly and Miss Nicholson 🙂

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