Monday Morning madness!

So this morning we were both in the pit! Class was VERY tricky and we had lots and lots of information to learn. We played plenty of games and then spent a while having lots of conversations in Spanish with other teachers who were also feeling like they were in the pit.




After a lot of perseverance we have eventually mastered asking different questions and answering them too…some extremely complicated! Hopefully by the end of this afternoon we will be confident and ready for our next challenge!

We have finished for our lunch break and have come to a very picturesque restaurant where luckily the rain has stopped and the sun is even trying to make an appearance! There is even a man on an accordion serenading us! It beats a Monday lunchtime in the staff room unfortunately, although we are missing everyone lots!



Tonight we have a flamenco dancing class…so we are feeling very out of our comfort zone and have to keep reminding ourselves of the learning line and be courageous so we don’t just give up!

Have a lovely Monday!

Miss Nicholson and Miss Kelly 🙂


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