Las caligramas

This morning we put all we had learnt yesterday into practise when we wrote our own calligrams (shape poems)…in Spanish of course!

It was tricky and we had to really concentrate but the end results were excellent!! We’re sure you’ll agree!

We then looked at a poem about a chicken and a key and were asked to invent a game we could play using the poem and give instructions to the class on how to play. I was especially nervous (Miss Nicholson) when my game was chosen to be played by the rest of the teachers in our class!

This evening we are off to watch a flamenco show with the other teachers. We will see how we compared during our flamenco lesson the other day!!

Miss Nicholson and Miss Kelly 🙂


Afternoon sunshine

After a whole day of school, it has been delightful to take a stroll down to La Playa (the beach) to drink a coffee in the sunshine and enjoy the last hour of sun before it sets for the evening.

Wouldn’t you love to have this right on your doorstep?


¿Quiere ser millonario?

Today has been a full day of intense classes. This morning we looked at phonics, grammar and how children learn to read it spain. Phonics is just as important especially as different letter combinations make different sounds. They even have an extra letter in their alphabet (ñ).

This afternoon we looked at grammar through dictation and reading. We had to learn a famous spanish poem off by heart, it was a challenge. It was really interesting to see how the spainish children learn through the games we played. We even became millionaires!

We think we have even managed to secure a link school today we are just waiting for an email back. 🙂 The children have been off for some of this week because of a special holiday called día de la Hispanidad. Your new challenge for today is to find out what this is a celebration of!

🙂 Miss Kelly and Miss Nicholson

Your comments :)

It is fantastic to hear from so many of you. As there are so many, it is difficult to reply to you all individually especially due to our slow wifi! So we will try and answer all of your lovely questions in our daily blogs. Please keep them coming 🙂 All the photos and videos will be posted once we’re home.

Buenos noches

Miss Kelly and Miss Nicholson 🙂


Wow, we have just got back from the most beautiful town in the mountains! We spent the afternoon with our tour guides practising our spanish and exploring the history of frigiliana. Here are some photos of us exploring.

Our flamenco dancing last night was really good. Unfortunately because we were concentrating so hard we didn’t get any photos of ourselves! But here is our teacher giving us a demonstration.


Today in class we learnt all about how to describe ourselves and others so we thought you might what a go at one of the games. Can you guess which teacher I am describing.

¿Quién es quién?

Tiene los ojos verdes.
Tiene el pelo rubio y largo y liso.
Lleva gafas y reloj.
Vive en Leeds.
No es escocés.

Good luck!

Tomorrow we are in class all day and will hopefully be able to give you some more challenges!


Miss Kelly and Miss Nicholson 🙂

Buenas dias

Good morning!

Flamenco dancing was great fun last night- afterwards we went down to the port to watch the sunset and eat some lovely Spanish food.

This is morning we have had classes and have a quick few minutes to ourselves to change into our walking shoes as this afternoon we are going on an excursion to a town in the mountains called Frigiliana.

As the internet in our hotel is VERY slow, we will post photos when we get back later this afternoon.

Adios! 🙂

Maths in Spanish

This afternoon we had a maths lesson (in Spanish of course!) we learnt all about the 4 operations and then did some of our own investigations. We are pleased to report we were the winners of a maths competition…we had to concentrate VERY hard though!



On our way home from class we discovered some wonderful architecture (in response the Alex’s question!) look at these beautiful buildings that we found:




Monday Morning madness!

So this morning we were both in the pit! Class was VERY tricky and we had lots and lots of information to learn. We played plenty of games and then spent a while having lots of conversations in Spanish with other teachers who were also feeling like they were in the pit.




After a lot of perseverance we have eventually mastered asking different questions and answering them too…some extremely complicated! Hopefully by the end of this afternoon we will be confident and ready for our next challenge!

We have finished for our lunch break and have come to a very picturesque restaurant where luckily the rain has stopped and the sun is even trying to make an appearance! There is even a man on an accordion serenading us! It beats a Monday lunchtime in the staff room unfortunately, although we are missing everyone lots!



Tonight we have a flamenco dancing class…so we are feeling very out of our comfort zone and have to keep reminding ourselves of the learning line and be courageous so we don’t just give up!

Have a lovely Monday!

Miss Nicholson and Miss Kelly 🙂


Well, after a VERY early flight in the small hours of Saturday morning, we spent a lovely day yesterday exploring the city and getting to know the other teachers joining us. The sun shone and we enjoyed a typical spanish lunch on the port before meeting our tutors in the evening and having an early night ready to learn some Spanish!

Today we were up early for a morning of Spanish classes. Suffice to say, we both felt a bit nervous speaking in front of lots of people and were thrown straight in the deep end by only being allowed to speak in Spanish! We had lots of fun learning lots of different phrases and fun activities to bring back and show everyone when we’re home. Miss Nicholson even lost a game of Spanish truth or dare which resulted in her having to flamenco dance, much to Miss Kelly’s delight!

This afternoon was a little wet and miserable, so we went to explore a castillo (castle) right up in the mountains which had wonderful views of the whole of Malaga, and even some of Gilbraltar. We got to practise some of the Spanish we learnt in class when asking for directions to a restaurant to order our paella!

Tonight we are off to practise some more Spainish with our tutors and the other teachers. Tomorrow we have a full day of hard work where we will learn even more Spanish before going to learn how to flamenco dance!

Here are a few pictures of our first couple of days 🙂

Miss Kelly and Miss Nicholson

Here we go!

Well… we are feeling VERY excited (and a bit nervous too!) for our trip to Spain tomorrow. We are just jetting off home to pack and get our passports ready before our very early flight tomorrow morning!

We will be posting on here every day…so don’t forget to send us a message back!

Adios amigos of Allerton!

Miss Nicholson and Miss Kelly 🙂